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How to Take Great Baby Photos

Photography is a great hobby, but you will still want to get the best photos possible. If you find that your pictures are lacking something, there are some tips that you can use to make them a bit better. Of course, practice is important and the more pictures you take the more comfortable you will be.

Get Close

If you find that your pictures are not popping like you want them to, you should try getting closer to your subject matter. Filling the frame with your subject can make it stand out more. You will also reduce the amount of wasted or blank space in the photo.

If you are taking pictures of people, being closer will also allow you to see their facial features better. Closer pictures are also good for other subjects as more details can be seen. Being too far from your subject will blur the details and could cause you to feel that something is missing.

Take Note Of The Light

Before you take any pictures, you need to consider where the light is coming from. You will need to use the light to your advantage when taking pictures. It does not matter what type of light it is as natural and artificial light can help you create amazing photos.

When looking at the light, you need to take note of how it interacts with the subject of your photo and the rest of the environment. If there are highlights or shadows, you need to consider how to use these interactions to your advantage when you take a photo.

While on the topic of lights, you should consider using your flash even in the day. If you are shooting outside on a bright and sunny day, the sunlight can cause serious shadows. To remove these from your photo, you need to use your flash. It will also provide more light on your subject which can highlight it better.

Buy Books Instead Of Gear

There are a lot of people who assume that the better their gear, the better the photos they are going to take. These people will spend thousands on expensive cameras, 10 different lenses and lighting equipment. The truth is that all of this gear will not help if you do not understand the basics of photography or know how to take good pictures.

This is why you should look at investing in photography books instead. These books should be collections of photos from professional that you like as well as guides on how to take the best pictures. When you look at what professionals are doing, you will be able to get some ideas for your pictures.

Know Your Camera

When you get a camera, you need to take the time to read the manual. Most people try and learn what their camera can do on the go, but this is not actually recommended. If you do not read the manual, you will not know what the features on the camera are or how to access them. This will leave you using a fraction of what the camera is capable of.

After reading through the menu, you need to experiment with all the different features. This will help you understand how each feature works and what it could ideally be used for. You will also be able to access these features with greater ease when you need them later.

Stop Checking Each Photo

Many people make the mistake of taking a picture and then checking it on the camera screen immediately. When you do this, you could be missing some special moments. You can always look at the photo later and you can always take multiple pictures of a subject to ensure that you get one that you like.

Contribution – Alex Lord from Alexandra Lord Photography. To find out more simply visit – http://alexandralordphotography.co.uk – the UK’s leading baby photographer.