Developing Your SEO Strategy

Understanding How to Develop Your SEO Plan

SEO & PPC: How They Compare & Contrast

There are many different ways of getting attention online, if you want to thrive you must have a very strong online presence. While everyone claims to have the answer, the truth is that there are certain strategies that everyone needs to look at employing. Two of the major ones are SEO and PPC advertising. Some businesses will be able to use both successfully but for many small businesses early on they will need to look at one or the other with a limited budget and that means needing to understand the pros and cons of both, what each brings to the table, and how to take advantage of what each offers in a way that most benefits the company. See discussion of main points below from Sydney SEO Marketing Agency.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
SEO is one of the most popular online marketing options, and for good reason. If you can be at the top of search engines in general (and Google in particular) then all that free traffic from people searching for those keywords creates a constant stream of new customers, new clients, and new business. Being high in the rankings for your major keywords means that your website is earning for you 24/7.

SEO involves all the on-site, off-site, and technical practices that can help rank one website above another. This tends to be a long-term process, especially with websites in competitive niches, but the pay-off continues well after much of the active work has been done.

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?
Pay per click, better known as PPC, advertising is one of the best direct ways to turn online searches into direct business. Google AdWords is one of the most widely known PPC programs but basically any advertising on a blog, social media website, or search engine where a click on an ad charges your account but leads to that person going to the page that you want. This is an active advertising system. Once the account is out of money, the ads stop.

Benefits of SEO over PPC
SEO continues to work for you long after the initial investment has been made, where as PPC is only active while the account is running. In addition to this, about half of all Internet users are used to skipping ads. This means they go right over any PPC, making it ineffective at ever reaching them as they look for the organic results on top of the search engines.

Having a website near the top of the search engine rankings not only helps draw in more customers when they are looking for your services, but it builds trustworthiness for your brand. It builds authority in the mind of potential customers or clients. Why would your website be at the top of Google if you weren’t one of the best and most trustworthy options then why would you be on the top of the search engines?

The downsides are that SEO can take a very long time to kick in, and it’s possible you never get the full results that you actually want.

Benefits of PPC over SEO
PPC advertising is what you want if you want to see immediate results. This is where you pay for your ad to appear for certain keywords or searches. This can allow a flood of traffic right away but you are going to have to pay for every click, every visitor.

This allows you to avoid the big pitfall of SEO which is investing a lot for work but then not being able to overcome the competition. However, you have to pay to play and that means a constant drain on budget.

In Conclusion
Most businesses will have plenty of room to use both PPC and SEO to get the most out of their online efforts, but it’s important to understand what each brings to the table and plan accordingly.