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Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Online Businesses

The world of SEO is constantly growing and evolving. With more and more businesses entering the online global marketplace, securing the best spots on search engine results pages can be tough in 2019. The competition for the most lucrative niche-specific keywords can be overwhelming. Here are a few key SEO tips that will help to improve your website’s SERP rankings:

1. Publish Fresh Content
Search engines love websites with fresh, regularly updated content. Try to publish new content on your website at least every two days. Adding a blog or news sections to your website can be a great way to generate ideas for new content. Don’t forget that you can also repurpose older content by making a few edits to make it more relevant for the current year’s audiences.

2. Take Keyword Research Seriously
When planning your SEO strategies, you need to know which keywords you are going to target so you can track and analyse your results. Keyword research is important because you don’t want to invest lots of money in time in keywords that have insane levels of competition if you only have a limited marketing budget. Try to look for long-tail keywords that are relevant to your site’s content.

3. Invest In Long-Form Content
High-quality articles exceeding 2000 words can beneficial for SERP rankings as they encourage visitors to spend longer on your website. Examples of long-form content include detailed buyer’s guides, project analysis write-ups, and customer case study showcases. Long-form content also enables you to target more niche-specific keywords.

4. Optimise Your Tags
You need to ensure that all title, meta, alt-image, heading, and sub-heading tags are optimised for search engine crawling bots. The length of title tags should not exceed 60 characters and should include keywords. The meta description is important as that is what is displayed on results pages under your listing. It needs to be unique and encourage people to click-thru and visit your website.

5. Optimise URLs
The URLs of all the pages of your website should be simple and readable. Try to use a logical structure as Belfast SEO Agency explains.

6. Build Quality Backlinks
Building quality backlinks still remains the cornerstone of any effective SEO strategy. The number of backlinks your website has from trusted sources is a significant ranking factor. Make sure that you only use white hat SEO techniques to improve your site’s link juice profile.

7. Optimise For Mobile
It should go without saying in 2019 that your website should be mobile-friendly. However, you need to understand the mobile optimisation is also a core ranking factor now that Google has implemented mobile-first indexing. So, if your website is not yet using a responsive design them, now is the time to make the switch.

Remember, you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about the search engine industry to be successful online. Instead, you could opt to outsource your business’s internet marketing to a top-rated SEO agency in Belfast. The good news is that most SEO agencies also offer social media marketing and brand reputation building services.