May 9, 2014

Best of Boston Beauty: Prettyology

Having worked in the spa industry at two highly regarded establishments during my 
undergraduate years, it is fair to say I have had my fair share of services and experiences.

When I was invited into Julie Michaud's gorgeous spa Prettyology on Newbury St. I was thrilled as I have always heard such wonderful things about the woman behind the business and their unparalleled level of service.

Beginning with a skin care consultation with Jennifer, we easily chatted about a proper regimen, 
what I was currently doing correctly in addition to the areas in which I needed to improve.

For example, I had no idea I needed to reverse the order of the application of my face and eye cream!

After enjoying the most luxurious Skin Warrior facial (that peptide mask did absolute wonders for my skin) tailored specifically to my skins needs, Jennifer sent me on my way with a few products that ensure my skin to continuously glow for weeks following my appointment.

Next was a consult with makeup, brow and lash artist Shalyn who both fixed 
my unruly brows and taught me a new way in which to fill them in. 

Shalyn has a wonderful demeanor and is just as knowledgeable and 
experienced as Jennifer, it was a pleasure to sit in her chair!

I left the spa feeling refreshed and ready for the filming 
I was to do a few days later (more on that later!) 

I cannot wait for my next visit and assure you Jennifer is the only person you need touching your face!

Which luxe facial at Prettyology would you select?


  1. Oh wow this sounds A-Mazing!! And if I get to Boston I will have to check it out for sure and LOVE the name!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. You definitely should Allie, is was easily my favorite spa experience to date :)

  2. That spa sounds lovely! I like that they did a makeup consultation. I used to manage a few day spas as well, we'll have to compare experiences ;) I'll have to check Prettyology out.


    1. We definitely will have to Lianna and let me know how your visit goes! xo

  3. I want to go to there - and probably will now! Thanks for the review!

    1. Let me know how much you love it Biana, they will treat you like a princess! xo

  4. Sounds like a wonderful spa experience, it's great to learn the proper way to take care of our faces, it's so important!

  5. Will have to check this place out. Thanks for the review.

    Best, Mree

  6. It looks like a really great experience.

  7. oooh love spa days and getting pampered. I'm hoping to get a facial sometime soon!

  8. Isn't that place amazing?! Can't wait to go back!


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