Feb 7, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: A Love List

When I think of the things that bring me joy, I am fortunate that the list is so
long and the items on it range from the most simple of things and on.

My first love? Writing.

A juicy well-seasoned steak

Prep couture. Tweeds. Vineyard Vines, polos, plaid, houndstooth,
Nantucket Red, JCrew, boat shoes. What can I say? Bostonian much?

All animals alike but I have the softest spot for dogs.

Travel. The anticipation when my feet touch the ground in a new locale,
excitedly venturing into the unknown, the photos that capture it all.

This girl and her neverending supply of cool.

Live music.

The open water.

Dates that leave you giddy with optimism and smiling until your head hits the pillow.

Beautiful photography. It inspires my words.

Always and forever, love and grateful for our men and women in service.
Those that are gone, have previously served and those that will one
day answer the call. For you we are truly fortunate.

What is on your love list?


  1. Dogs yes, travel yes, and many others you mentioned yes. Steak NO! Haha!

  2. Those are all great things!

    Love how steak is number 2!

    And yes yes yes to your men/women in service!

  3. Fabulous post!
    Love that pup!


  4. Great list!

    I love travelling, dates that are magical from beginning to end, a good steak and of course, our heroes!

  5. this is why I love your blog so much. really gets me thinking. my love list is appreciation of life by enjoying the simplest things like sleep overs with my little sis, eating cookies and watching Disney with her or thrifting with my mom while she tells me the same story for the third time. Also on my love list is travelling, even if I am afraid of flying. ps. that steak looks delicious. I'm not a big meat eater but pictures like these makes me want to go to Fogo De Chao, lol.. have a great day. :)

    1. You always have the sweetest things to say Jewel! I hope you have a wonderful day too xo

  6. Aww this makes me happy! I love MK as well - definitely a style favorite. I have champagne, travel, cape cod, puppies, family and the love of my life :)

  7. Looks like we have a whole lot of Loves in common. Dogs, especially puppies, MK for life, and travel is always on the mind!

  8. Yes so much to be thankful for. Stay safe during the storm!

  9. i love your list and looks like we share some similar loves. my dog for sure, my sweet boy, of course, and travel...i love the feeling of when the plane lands and you are eager to go explore and find something new to photograph, eat, and enjoy. happy weekend pretty lady...may more loves be added to your list;)


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