Feb 7, 2013

Kyle's Krusade: Let's Help This Brave 6 Year Old

When I saw another blogger document the 5k she ran to help raise funds for
Kyle O'Connor's expensive cancer treatment costs I knew I had to get involved.

 Reading Lisa's beautifully written story on the struggle the entire O'Connor family
has been enduring was eye-opening and instantly brought tears to my eyes.
 I quickly posted on Facebook encouraging my friends join me in completing a 
virtual 5k with me (it can even be done on a treadmill at the gym.)
My coworkers that I workout with during lunchtime quickly jumped on board 
after my plea via email and we're going to be running together

Now I am reaching out on here, if any of you have the 25 - 45 minutes (depending on
how speedy you may be) it will take to complete please let me know in a comment
below or contact me privately.

Click the following links to: signup and donate.
I will be posting photos at the conclusion of our races (wearing my bib proudly)
and it would mean a great deal if others would join me.
No child should have to fight cancer and no parent should have to worry about
financial strains on top of having such a sick child.
Let's help them out, please.

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