Feb 14, 2013

All The Single Ladies: How To Spend Valentine's Day

While I may not be staying in tonight, though I am (as always) very happy for all of you couples super in love, my heart goes out to my single girls.
 I have always maintained that I would much rather be happy by myself than
unhappily stuck in some relationship that drags on purely out of desperation.

With that said, how do single girls spend the most cliched day of the year while
surrounded by far too many unconcealed romantic gestures?

1. Spend it with the man of your dreams. I am not one for celebrity crushes 
at all. There is only one man I admire from afar, Channing Tatum. Watching
anything and everything with him in it is an insta-mood booster.

2. Plan something fun with your girls. Do a fun DIY one of you has pinned and been
dying to attempt, add delicious apps and great feel-good music. 
Just make sure to not spend time man bashing or putting out negative energy 
concerning the day. A little positivity goes a long way.

3. Wine & Dine Yourself, Want Not A Thing. Every year whether I am single
or taken, I get myself the most gorgeous bouquet and largest box of chocolates 
imaginable prior to Valentine's Day. And I feel incredibly content.
Seeing an explosion of pink, red and assortments of floral on your Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram feeds will make any girl feel wistful. Beat them to the punch and 
you'll feel smug every time.
We're strong. We now make a lot of money. Never feel ashamed to be single or 
compare yourself to your plethora of newly engaged friends.
Love will happen for you when the time is right.
 4. Just relax. Be glad you do not have to spend hours on hair, makeup and squeezing
into Spanx and a bandage dress while your stilettos pinch your toes.

Take the extra money you save on the gift you would have regretted splurging on
when you broke up with him a few months later and do something nice for yourself!

 5. Spread love to those that need it most. Spend the "Day of Love"
volunteering at an organization close to your heart. Doing something for others
always warms our spirit and that is what is most important.
 Whatever your plans this evening - enjoy!



  1. I remember being single on Valentine's day, and while I never dreaded it or was upset, I remember thinking about the day I had someone.

    I'll celebrate with my honey today and say a lil prayer to those who are alone.


  2. Happy Valentine's Day Georgina! Have a great time tonight.. Today, I am having lunch with my good friend from colleg. then home to deep conditioner my hair, organize my closet and finish my Sex and the City marathon. xo

  3. Happy Valentines Day sweet lady! And I'm a fan of CT too;) Have fun!

  4. Lovely ideas, darling!
    I think I need to relax in a hot bath!


  5. Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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  6. Girls Night In is my chosen way year after year. Love it! :)

  7. Love the idea of a girls celebration :) If I were single it would be on!

  8. i absolutely love this post, it's just what i needed today. i'm in a tough spot relationshipwise so seeing all of the girls getting flowers at the office today and all of the blog posts about everyone's awesome husband/fiance/bf have been hard for me. thanks for reminding me that i can have a great day regardless. #3 and #4 are all me! :)

  9. these are such great ideas!!
    love it <3


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