Jan 30, 2013

Workout Wednesday: What to Eat Before & After a Workout

Some of the questions I hear most often is about pre and post workout fuel.
What should we eat, how much and how soon?

What you eat will help determine how successful of a workout you have.
Do not be silly and skip fueling your body because you want to limit your calories.

Pre-Workout Snacks:

The best things to eat prior to exercising contain high-quality carbohydrates, 
beneficial fats, lots of water and lean protein.

You are going to need carbohydrates as an energy source that your body can use
at a moments notice while protein helps develop and preserve your muscles.

I stick to: grilled chicken, nuts, half of a multi-grain bagel with peanut butter,
coconut milk yogurt with granola,  fruit (especially berries) 
and a small amount of low-calorie cheese always works well.

If you do not have a lot of time before your workout - simple carbohydrates (fruit
or a concentrated fruit juice without added preservatives) will give you quick energy
by elevating your blood sugar.  

Make sure you do not skimp on your carbohydrates though!

What to Eat After You Exercise: 

 My workouts tend to be midday so following, I consume a rather large, vegetable-rich
salad with dark leafy greens like spinach,  a side of fruit, small amounts of
carbohydrates (like brown rice or quinoa) and protein like grilled chicken or 
and egg-white scramble with lots of vegetables.

This is done usually within half an hour after my workout (the most ideal time.)

Do not be afraid of refined carbohydrates post-workout however, this is the time
your body can process them at a much faster rate so enjoy some pasta or white potatoes
just do not overdo it.
Making a fresh recovery smoothie is also a wonderful idea (or make it beforehand
and refrigerate for quick access.) See several recipes here!
Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout to 
replenish your body of lost fluids, aid blood circulation and prevent cramps.
What are your favorite pre-workout snacks?


  1. Awesome tips, darling!
    These are some of my favorite foods, especially avocados and nuts!


  2. Very informative!

    I just gave myself yet another pep talk about "doing better".. time to take it from the locker room to the field.
    (I'm only assuming my mind is making sports references from all the hype about the Super Bowl)...

  3. These are great things to know. I just started back in.the gym after almost three years. my regular eating habit needs to be improved and with the occasional gym workouts, this definitely helps. ps. that avocado sandwich looks delicious.!! Have a great day, lady!

  4. all that food looks SO GOOD!
    Do I have to work out in between? ;)
    just kidding! But I'm def going to try some of these things before/after my next workout!


  5. Thanks for sharing these tips. Sometimes when I am done working out, and specially after Zumba, I want to eat an entire cow...hehehehehe!

  6. These are great tips! Thank you!

    I love almonds and mozzarella sticks pre-workout.

  7. I work-out right when I wake-up in the morning, so I tend not to eat before. Though I want that peanut butter! :)


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