Jan 22, 2013

Snow Day Street Style

More snow in the Northeast (ya'll stop crying you knew it was like this when you
moved here) but it is a manageable amount and quite pretty now!

Besides, what a great excuse to break out my new apres-ski moonboots
and post some of my favorite winter wear?
 I adore a great faux-fur vest that adds flair along with 
warmth to an otherwise basic outerwear situation. 

A slimmer fit on your bottom half helps you maintain a silhouette 
in the midst of lots of layering bulk.
Not for us 9to5ers but love the lack of structure in this
more casual approach.
Incorporating the color of the year: Emerald.
                    go slouchy with your hat and layer neutrals in varying shades
 adorable pom, fur-lined army coat, knitted infinity,
lightening bolt ring, metallic nails. so. much. goodness.

Follow my Winter Wardrobe board for more wintery inspiration
or perhaps Cozy Couture for days when you are only venturing out for coffee!
 What are you Winter Wardrobe staples?


  1. The second picture pretty much describes my wardrobe during the winter months...although I'm in Louisiana, not the northeast.
    xo, Maria

  2. Gorgeous street style selections, darling!
    Especially loving all the chunky scarves!


    P.S. Loving this cold weather... I can wear my Mou goat fur boots :)

  3. Second picture too describes my winter wear with a thicker coat though. I think its -12 here, no snow but freezing. I'll take colder temps over snow since I drive like a turtle during snowy weather. ps. hope you had a fab weekend, girlie.. have a great remainder of the week! Xx

  4. Oh, these street style photos are just so fabulous! I love the big chunky knits. What looks chic and carefree on them, looks mega carefree (ie sloppy) on me... not fair! Have you decided what to do on valentine's day? :)

  5. My winter wardrobe is more like the bottom one. I love dressing up but I get so cold that I bulk up and layers and pop on my parka on cold days.

  6. the last picture represents my winter wear the best, I think haha
    I would dress up more, but I would freeze!!

  7. Right now the only thing bearable about this winter is the fashion.

    I can't wait to find some pieces in emerald.

    I love scarves and layering.

  8. It's kind of unfair that we have to wait for the apt weather to experiment some clothes and it's irresistible until we do it.

  9. I love all of these looks and how they have piled on the layers to stay warm. I'm a huge fan of scarves and beanies during the winter and I think breaking out the moon boots was one smart move! And I'm sure your feet appreciate it too;) Stay warm!

  10. I am positively obsessed with the first look - it is perfect!! :)

  11. It's 80 here-- I'm craving shorts.


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