Jan 18, 2013

Lifestyle Conundrums: What to get your (new) Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

It is almost that time of year where everyone goes into lovey-dove overdrive,
men begin to panic and women's expectations skyrocket.

Yep. Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.
I am in an interesting position this year as I am actually dating someone who
will be in the same state as me for once.
Which led me to an interesting dilemna.
What do you buy for the man you only recently began dating!?
1.  Dexterous Dude: If you're lucky enough to have a man that is handy around the house, there are a plethora of new tools to choose from along with a gift card to his favorite specialty home improvement store etc.

2. Humor Him: Ideal because these will not set you back as more ~serious~ gifts will later on in the relationship but also won't send any kind of "message." 
{ Places to find: 1, 2, 3}
3.  Leisure Linked: Coffee/Beer of the month membership (whichever they would enjoy more is always a good go-to, a special edition copy of his favorite novel or an accessory for his most frequently used piece of technology.

4. Hobby/Sport: a round of golf at his favorite course, tickets to a game or hobby related equipment (like photography, hiking etc.) I think the above pictured Golf Swing Analyzer is pretty amazing (by the way, if your significant other is a golf lover you're so lucky - so much gift potential!)

6. Something edible: cook him his favorite dinner (if you do not know what it is yet, now is a good time to do a bit of investigating) or make a batch of his favorite baked good. Want to go above an beyond in the thoughtfulness arena? Make an extra helping of dinner that he can bring home and freeze for an evening he is on his own. He'll be thinking about you even when you're not there. If he's a foodie and appliance inclined (and especially loves to make one dish or type of cuisine in particular - go on that!)

7. Socially Responsible Stud: a donation (the amount does not matter) to a charity close to his heart in his name + a homemade gift certificate that is redeemable for one or more afternoons donating your time at a local pantry or organization.

Final Tips:

Have a chat about both of your expectations regarding the holiday. You do not want to do something small and then find out he went all out on his end (okay it's usually the other way around.)

Keep it light. Save the "His & Hers" towels for a later period, wouldn't you be a bit puzzled if he gifted you with an expensive piece of jewelery right off the bat?

Don't aim to impress, guys just appreciate knowing you were thinking of them and if your guy makes it clear he was looking to be impressed - there's a whole other issue to deal with.

Still stuck? Think about his interests and then browse relevant stores tip: ask someone working in the department, they have helped countless clueless girlfriends previously in your same shoes!
Have you started thinking about Valentine's Day yet?


  1. These are great tips! Ps. I will be emailing you shortly about what we brfely discussed. ps. if you have a minute, I'd love to hear your thoughta on my newest post. happy Friday!

    1. Thanks Jewel, can't wait to work on what we briefly chatted about :)

  2. I got a goodie bag full of my bf's favourite junk food for our first Valentines. I agree with talking about your expectations first. One year I got him something and got nothing in return so the next year the opposite happened.

    1. Honestly first V-day's should be superrr low-key, I hope you have a good one this year Christine :)

  3. Awesome ideas and tips!
    Love #3!


  4. I totally have started thinking about it already! It's one of my favorite holidays, probably because lots of pink and hearts are involved! I'm married so we are pretty much in a groove now. Already made reservations at a Restaurant I have been wanting to to try!

    1. I have always had kind of mixed feelings about the holiday but this year I'm really looking forward to a romantic dinner (that's all really, no gifts necessary!)
      I hope you have a wonderful Vday with your husband :)

  5. Haha! I LOVE that coffee mug - it is just too perfect! I don't even have a Valentine this year but I'm thinking of purchasing that anyway - so cute! :)

  6. lol I never even know what to get my HUSBAND for Valentine's Day. It's a problem. :)

    1. Lol Alyx! Men are so tough to shop for in general honestly xo

  7. Great post! I've always viewed Valentine's day as a day for the boyfriend/hubby to do something for his lady, but I love your idea of baking cookies. I'll try that this year! A little heartfelt card is always nice to give, too. :)

  8. I started dating Sean 2-14-07 so I knew I wanted to do something but nothing over the top since we had just started dating.

    At the time the song "Balling" was popular so I bought big cardboard paper and I wrote down a list of reasons that I thought he was balling. It was fun to do and he loved it :).

    You shared great tips!

  9. I really havent started thinking about it yet...i guess i should! Our 5 month anniversary is the same month so we may combine the two!

  10. I do watches, perfumes, shirts ect specially with a card I have made. Your tips are really great! Thank you!


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