Nov 14, 2012

The Perfect Gift: Alphabet Photography Artwork

You may or may not recall my excitement when I previously posted this
photo of a rather large mysterious piece of art that arrived at my home.

Beautifully wrapped with obvious care, my expectations rose when
I saw the personalized card included that was signed and dated by
the artists themselves (incredible touch!)

Joining Tyra, Nelly Furtado, Will & Kate and dozens of other celebrities, I 
received a stunning personalized gift from Alphabet Photography.

Having just moved into my new place, this gorgeous artwork was definitely the 
 pièce de résistance of all decorations in my bedroom.

The process begins with the client selecting from hundreds of gorgeous,
professional photographs. Images of nature, landmarks and so much more
turn into a personalized creation that creates distinction in any home.

Yes, I will most likely be purchasing one for my parents new home as 
Alphabet Photography crafts gifts that are thoughtful, stunning and unique.

Half the fun is selecting images that look either the most or the least
like the actual letter - as to keep others potentially guessing when viewing.

 I chose letters that look quite similar as you can see in the closer look above,
a whimsical spiral for the "G" train tracks for the "E" and I am sure one
letter in particular is quite familiar to most Bostonians.

As you can see, my artwork came in a gorgeous three inch solid wood frame
with a chocolate finish that is accented with gold leaf. So quality is truly
apparent with this company as is elegance.
Look at the Alphabet Photography website & let me know  which photographs you would select! 
The perfect customized gift that includes photographs from all over the world, 
this is the original Alphabet Photography. Celebrity owners include: 
Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest, 
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, John Schneider, Nelly Furtado, and many more!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alphabet Photography. 
However, the above opinions and text are my own.


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