Nov 27, 2012

Savant Spotlight: Alvin Valley

Last week I was one of many lucky Bostonians to be caught in that 40-mile backup
on the Masspike (reminding me how much I dislike area drivers lack of retiquette 
a.k.a. "road etiquette.")
I was even luckier to be contacted by Alvin Valley's PR team to attend his 
trunk show and champagne reception at the Mandarin Oriental.
After sitting in traffic for two hours and a quick valet, I realized everyone had already left and I received a major girl are you serious look from Alvin's COO Gaetano Razzieri.
As I started to prepare to snap a few photos, Gaetano had pity on my tardy soul
and helped me get a few decent shots, arranging racks and providing background.
He then asked "Would you like to meet Alvin?" He brought me over and the
first thing out of Mr. Valley's mouth was "You're stunning, I love your look!" Love.

Alvin Valley is charming, incredibly well-dressed in that effortless manner
and is clearly in tune with what women want.
I was incredibly interested in the wide variety of fabrics and styles he has
designed and which are popular in different areas of the U.S.

He. Knew. It. All.
Bostonians? We're helplessly conservative, less apt to explore more fitted styles
(though gradually improving) and so of course I asked what the ladies in my city
gravitated towards, certainly not his signature high-waisted skinny?

Boston women are "So conservative and then they buy my gold pant." - Alvin Valley
"But they justify it because it's cordoroy!" - Gaetano. Touch√© 

 The cropped 190 pant is surreal (I want) but for now, I will have to admire the
gorgeous gold cotton corduroy with gold foil from afar.
Only we would stray away from anything too form fitting or high-waisted 
but then go unabashedly for the gold.
So preppy it hurts, it appears us New Englanders also gravitate towards
Valley's Lana pant and the most amazing sexy jacket that he designed for women
to wear it with a skinny pant during the day and easily transition it into evening. 

New Yorkers never to be accused of being shy, go right for the black 192's which are very 
figure-hugging and an ultra-flattering two tone version that not one
Bostonian even dared to touch.
 Clearly depending on the location, different women have different comfort zones
however one thing was consistent: Alvin Valley knows what women want in a pant.
Which style do you prefer most?


  1. Fabulous post, darling!
    Love that cropped pant!


  2. how awesome, and I do love those pants!

  3. I'm no good at taking photos either! I miss having a photographer on staff!


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