Nov 5, 2012

Makeup Monday: Gorgeous in Glasses

This is a topic that is a bit self-serving but also for my ladies that wear their
glasses on the regular but still want to look and feel beautiful while doing so.

Below are a few of my makeup musts when rocking my intellectually chic look
while remaining put together but not overdone. 

 1. Go light on the mascara. This is common sense for any seasoned 
spec sporter. The more mascara you apply, the more product will rub off on
your lenses.

2. Keep it natural. There isn't really a point in going with wild colors when they are
most likely going to be hidden by your fashionable, thick Warby Parkers. 
Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed, those arches will frame it all
and create a more polished appearance - always.

3. For a bit of glam, go smokier on the eye to accentuate and enlarge your eyes.
 4. Don't do too much. The thicker the frames, the more substantial the statement.
One statement is truly enough, no need to go overboard. 

5. A bold lip goes a long way. While looking fairly au naturale (though we all know
your face isn't actually bare) a pop of color on the lower half of your face can
balance everything quite well.
For those of you in the glasses-club how do you
modify your makeup routine?


  1. Awesome tips and specs!
    Fabulous post :)


  2. Great tips! Every time I walk by those kiosks at the mall that sell sunglasses I am always tempted to stop and buy a pair of "geek-chic" ones but I never do. I think I'll have to put it back on my to buy list!

    Boston Princess

    1. You should (if you want!) I even got a "play" pair at Urban Outfitters. They're incredibly cheap :)

  3. I've always wanted glasses, but I have never needed htem. these are great tips, though!

    1. I know you'd look amazing in a pair - consider yourself incredibly lucky :)

  4. I just went to the eye doctor today! :)

  5. Bold lips and glasses always look incredible. LOVE this post, Georgina!! :)

  6. Great tips. I'll pass them on to my daughters that wear glasses.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.


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