Nov 2, 2012

Fraiche Friday: China Poblano Las Vegas

As we were gathering our things after touching down at McCarren airport,
our main concern was of course food.

I suggested Mexican (per usual) while my friend had been thinking Chinese. 
 Well you can imagine our surprise when the concierge mentioned
a Mexican-Chinese fusion restaurant within our very hotel.

This is not your standard Mexican. So be prepared to shell out a lot of money for
each very small taco. However, it is somewhat worth it.

My friends ordered Green Tea Sour cocktails (with an edible marigold) while 
I tried a new beer: Moutai - it was light and exactly what I needed with my food.

The tacos above, the Barbacoas on the left and Carnitas on the right.
The Carnitas was quite delicious but I am not quite used to the consistency
of pork belly, so it was a bit of shock to bite into something so... jelly-like.

My friend ordered one soup in particular however she was given another that was
surprise double the price and most likely half as tasty. She was not a fan.

We ordered the Twenty-vegetable fried rice because apparently it was on some
well-known foodie list and we weren't disappointed at all.

Like all of our food, it was light, incredibly fresh and made with simple ingredients.

For dessert I had the Mango Sticky Rice.
Coconut milk is boiled to a cream and then added to shaved mango
and sprinkled with crisped rice to create something incredible. Loved.
The decor inside China Poblano was... interesting. There were steering wheels
spanning most of the ceiling, an altar of buddhas near the entrance, 
low ottoman seating and a red/orange color palette. 
What I loved? There is one "bar" for Mexican  and one for the Asian inspired dishes. 
Each were incredibly clean and each dish is served as it is ready so if you order several things (as you will need to) you do not have to place the same emphasis on 
some of the more traditional dining rules.
While I enjoyed my experience there (for the most part...) I do not think I would go again. 
It is definitely a great place to pop into if you are in a bit of a rush and not 
particularly hungry, or else $6 per tiny taco just becomes a bit annoying. 
What have you been eating lately? Happy Friday!


  1. Have a great trip Georgina! I hope you find somewhere better to go tonight.

    1. Thank you Laura I hope you have a wonderful weekend also :)

  2. Delicious post, darling!
    Happy weekend ;)


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  4. That definitely seems... interesting. lol I think I'll keep my Mexican food Mexican and my Chinese Chinese.

  5. Food looks incredible! Fusion places are fantastic to get the best of multiple cuisines. Stopping by form SITS.

    1. Thank you Pricilla! I look forward to taking a peek at your blog :)

  6. Ooh, I love the idea of a fusion restaurant. The Vegetable Fried Rice looks yummy!! :)

  7. I love fusion restaurants and it's such a great idea to have two separate drink menus!

    Boston Princess

  8. Looks so delish!! I'm starving right now!


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