Nov 16, 2012

Fraiche Food Friday: Wicked Spoon

 I am not usually a fan of buffets but before heading to Las Vegas I took some time
to read about several places that were of note, especially within my hotel.
Wicked Spoon was apparently one of them.

Not your traditional buffet, the portions were individual and of fantastic 
quality. No spooning your eggs out of a mass vat here or harsh heat lamps.
For example; look at the above mini eggs benny!?

 Egg white with mushroom and spinach

Each table was given a large glass bottle of Aquahealth water and of course
unlimited coffee, juices etc and if you paid a bit extra, 
unlimited mimosas, bloody mary's or champs!

Egg & candied bacon salad with sweet 100's and avocado vinaigrette
I rolled into the restaurant around 9:30 because I woke up hungry and wanted
to make sure we had prime seating. About 10 minutes later the line 
curled out almost all the way to the elevators.
 I'm a sucker for miniature versions of things..
these takeout boxes were no exception.

 Korean bbq!

Miniature fried chicken drumsticks that come in your own little fryer basket

  Prosciutto pizza that was AMAZING

Duck confit ravioli with sage (sweet and savory perfection!


Angry Mac n Cheese
 (not sure what was angry about it, it made me quite happy..)


Beet and arugula salad

I loved that even though it was morning there were excellent lunch options
which I sampled without holding back (it was for research!)

Other dishes of note: the chicken apple sausage was heavenly,
mini croissants, hash, fruit/cheese bar, sausage station in general,
asian fusion area and a carving station.

I had read that Wicked Spoon previously did not have labels on everything to
encourage conversation about the food. That has since changed which made
things pretty convenient.

The service was impeccable - I would return indefinitely and recommend
it highly if and when you return to Vegas next!


  1. Love your Friday posts ~ so yummy!


  2. Everything looks so incredible - I want to eat here immediately!! :)

  3. A mini eggs benny at a buffet?! Sounds amazing.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. It looks yummy. I only like buffets at breakfast except that I never eat enough to justify the cost of a buffet. What was the price per person?


    PS: Come enter my giveaway with Rent the Runway! xoxoxo

    1. It was a little under $50 :)

      I will definitely stop by!

  5. looks so good!

  6. Delicious food; making me hungry. Love the cute way the food is being served.



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