Nov 19, 2012

Blogger Event by Fossil

Last week I attended a blogger event held by Fossil on Newbury St: it's intention
in creating buzz around their beyond amazing holiday collections.

To be honest I had never stepped inside a Fossil location before that evening and 
my imagination did not span beyond expecting to see well-crafted timepieces.

 How wrong was I when I immediately spotted my next It-bag (The VRV Bag aka
Vintage Revival top right) and at least ten accessories I needed yesterday 
(I bought three.)

First and foremost, if you're a Bostonian stop by just to say hello to their amazing
manager Xavier. I have never met someone so personable, truly passionate
and freakishly (in a good way) knowledgeable about their brand. 

Shall we talk about Fossil's piece de resistance this season? The Heritage Leather.
Exclusive to the brand, it's quality seems pretty unparalleled and like fine wine
and myself, ages incredibly well.

Fossil goes beyond leather with its stunning rose gold (I was obsessed with this two-tone Emma watch) charms, deep blues, gorgeous grays and delicate coral.

 Lastly, Fossil generously gifted us each with the new Emma Red Leather Watch 
which I paired with two bracelets (1, 2)  I purchased that night.

Also purchased, Rose Gold Glitz earrings and a gift for my father that wonderful 
sales associate Robert helped me pick out. Thank you Fossil, I am 
definitely looking forward to my next visit!

 What's on your holiday wishlist?


  1. Great Pictures Georgina. I love your outfit and the pairing, looks great:).

  2. I have a Fossil Rose Gold Stella that I wear just about every day. People always ask if it is a Michael Kors. They are very comparitable, yet Fossil is a fraction of the price.


  3. I have a Rose Gold Stella that I wear just about everyday. People always ask if it is a Michel Kors because the two are very comparitable yet Fossil is a fraction of the price!


  4. thanks for sharing wonderful pictures! love that blouse

  5. What fun!
    Love the watches!

    I have have of the J. Crew catalog on my Christmas list ;)


  6. Beautiful event. Love the earrings!


  7. I love, love fossil. Sean bought me a watch from Fossil for my birthday and I absolutely love it. They also have an amazing warranty on their items.

    Looks like such a fabulous event!

  8. Wow,beautiful.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVN and GFC???
    My Blog

  9. The watch, the earrings, the bracelets...swoon! I am seriously in love right now!! :)

  10. I Love fossil. They seem to make really durable yet fashionable products. I love those earrings and definitely will be picking up some for myself!!

  11. I wish they had those types of events near me!!


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