Aug 21, 2012

Trending on a Tuesday: 5 Ways to Style Your Gold Jeans

There are a great many trends appearing Fall 2012. Some we may choose to partake in 
while others, well..not so much. One I am a bit excited about? Gold jeans. 
Not just gold, I am about to delve further with rose gold and bronze 
inspired by the Vogue Calvin Klein ad first shown above. 
Three pairs please, all three hues.
In preparation for the onslaught of metallic madness let's think about how we 
will pair these statement pantaloons with other aspects of our outfit.
1. Traditional rich girl attire: white & gold
Pairing white with gold is such an effortless way to pull this trend off. 
Going casual? Do a slouchy tee. Dressing it up? A nipped
blazer pulls it together nicely finished with a tailored smoking slipper or pretty heels.
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2. Play it safe and remain within the same palette.
Cream, olive and taupe bring a bit of neutrality to an otherwise doubly dazzling result.
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3. Back to Black ...with the already present darker undertones all black on
top just makes sense no? Kling says yes.
4. Go color, go texture, go print..but maybe only one at a time.

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5. Go hard in the paint...all metal. All over.
How will you be styling your gilded slacks this fall?
Want to create your own one of a kind trophy trousers? Here's a cute DIY tutorial
for a more subdued yet still very cute version via Wobisobi!
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  1. Do you own GOLD jeans? Very 70s chic.~*~*~*

  2. I LOVE the idea of pairing them with an oversize cardi - gorgey!! :)

    1. I think it would be a good way to kind of tone them down a bit :)

  3. I'm not sure how I like the metallic jeans for fall. It's one of those things were the colored jeans didn't look good on everyone and this will probably be the same.


    1. They're not for everyone but I think I really may try to pull off a pair (in the process of toning my legs up a tiny bit more first though lol!)

  4. I saw an amazing pair of gold jeans at Juicy Couture but thought I would never be able to wear them with anything. Now I think I might just have to get them!


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