Apr 30, 2012

Makeup Monday

After moving in early April, I was lucky enough to find the perfect spa within close vicinity to both my office and home.

I've spoken about the owner Lisa before, a gorgeous, unbelievably petite (especially after literally just having a gorgeous baby boy) and incredibly down to earth woman.

Having had a bit of time to chat with her, her story is incredibly inspiring as she worked from a very young age from a beginner position at the salon/spa to now successful owner.

During my last appointment Lisa asked me a bit about my skin and makeup preferences. I tend to be a bit sensitive/dry and stick to natural gold and bronze tones.

At the end of my pedicure she handed me a bag of goodies to try (she does know that I write this blog but gave it to me to try no matter if I wrote reviews or not).

I love products. I enjoy the anticipation of how well they'll work, if they'll help me achieve a desired effect.

The first I tried was of course the Foaming Cleanser. I like to stick with something that does have a bit of lather but have learned too much later usually results in over-drying.

 I loved this one and it did absolutely nothing to dry out or irritate my finicky skin. Huge plus.

Next I moistened a few cotton balls with the AHA toner. AHA is something I've never previous used though it has been on my list of ingredients I would one day have to try.

Well here is a product I should have been using all along. Not only was I horrified at how much of my makeup was still on my face after cleansing but I definitely have not been exfoliating enough.

I ended the regimen with the luxe cream and then woke up to skin only seen post-spa day. Glow much?

The two powder eye-shadows are wonderfully pigmented, the darker of the two almost matching my skin tone while the eye liner is a gorgeous subdued deep brown that manages to accentuate and enlarge the appearance my pretty peepers.

Sold! I will definitely be buying the toner as a staple and during my next visit testing a few lip glosses as I could never have enough.

** Today begins the launch of LA Family's "Life After College" column, one yours truly will be contributing to (my article goes live Friday). I would appreciate it if you could also support the other writers this week! **

What are your favorite new products? 
What do you wish you'd known about long ago? 



  1. i've never tried merle norman products, but i think i've seen one of their spas around town! i'll definitely be giving it a try now :)

  2. Must try that cleanser!
    I am loving Atopalm products these days :)


  3. I really want to try these now!
    Thanks for the review/eye-opener..
    I recently discovered Mark. by Avon products- I use the That's Deep facial cleanser- but I am just -eh, about it right now..and I use a matte powder which I love and makeup remover-which is great!!
    This made me really want to go to the spa...
    Happy Monday!!

  4. I had no clue Merle Norman doubled as a spa. When I was really little I almost got my ears pierced there, but then I chickened out! :P


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