Mar 23, 2012


As I have previously stated, I am the most inspired when I am active. After returning home after work, I allow myself some time to decompress, relax and unwind from the day.

Shortly thereafter, I take my bike out for a 3-7 mile ride while listening to some of my favorite songs. It never fails to provide an instant lift.

What follows are some of the on-goings of my daily:

Currently devouring: vegetable sushi, edamame, my favorite falafel balls & my just arrived blogging books.

My conundrum: what to pair with my new rose blazer tomorrow (casual, jean Friday in the office!) Oh, and where to live (I need to move, somewhat soon though I have loved the quiet safety of suburban life, I am ready for a change).

Delighted with: my new Dior Vernis in Saint-Tropez. The perfect shade of chalky mint I can easily pair with peach skinnies or a sky blue slouchy top.

Overwhelmed by: the constant support shown by friends, whether encouragement to follow my dreams, a kind word from a new acquaintance, or even by a generous coworker that decided to allow me test out one of his older SLR cameras.

Kind acts are never forgotten, especially with me. A special and personal shout-out is owed to H, someone who will remain anonymous but has shown me the utmost that friendship could entail.

In need of: an inspired pair of shorts. I've yet to find a pair yet have remained relentless in my quest.

Looking forward to: the premier of Mad Men's Season 5. I've heard rumors that a great deal will be changing. In the midst of such success, most would consider it risky to vary your methods.

I have faith in the writers and producers of one of my favorite old Hollywood glamour shows (I can't believe it's been 4 seasons already), no one does passive aggressive like Betty Draper.

Listening to: "Glad You Came" by The Wanted & "Feel So Close" Calvin Harris, I also love JoJo's new release, good to see her back.

Touched by: the generosity shown by the lovely engineers I work with. My manager announced our offices participation in the Jordan's Furniture Double Play Youth Program - a fundraiser to collect new/used baseball and softball equipment for inner city youth sports programs.

Previously, I was the one that brainstormed and organized such events  and participation was a bit hesitant. A few days later I arrived early to work, setting the bat, gloves, baseballs and other miscellaneous items I had purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Within 3 hours our donation table could hold nothing more. My eyes teared looking at the donations of those I work with, who quietly laid their purchases on the table we had decorated. Does life truly get any better than this?

Dreaming of: my dream bag, the Celine Boston Tote (how fitting is the name with me being a Boston girl!?) Meant. To. Be. One day?

Somewhat regretting: my purchase of an unnamed brand of makeup removing cleansing wipe. They are wonderful but have encouraged my laziness in the later (and earlier) hours of the evening.

Reserved usually for weekend nights when I fall into bed in the wee hours of the morning, I have begun using them each night as a less than adequate substitute for my nightly cleansing/toning routine.

My skin may be a bit less luminous due to this behavior....

Excitedly anticipating: my blog layout homework. I just purchased a custom layout by Bobbi - a talented graphic designer who graciously accepted my plea for help in creating a personalized representation of myself and of my blog content.

Also potentially in the cards is an unexpected collaboration with a skilled local photographer brought to my attention by a coworker.

Surprised by: the dessert I was comped at Lucca in the North End because I have been a long time patron who easily banters with the amazing mixologist Casey, owner Ted Kennedy and the wonderfully charming host whose name currently cannot remember (my apologies!).

My first time at Lucca I met Ted and was struck and delighted by how a great Italian restaurant in the heart of Bostons Heart of Italia was being run by none other than a gracious Irishman. T

he food is delicious too. I started with the prosciutto appetizer, moved onto the sinful truffle infused macaroni cheese and ended with the most delicious warmed chocolate concoction.

Casey is the bearer of a delicious little notebook. In it houses the secrets, musings and drunk thoughts of hundreds of Bostonians.

One day a Best Seller will be comprised of those very same excerpts. I can't wait to hold it in my hand while in line at Barnes & Noble Casey!

Until next time,


  1. Fabulous post, darling!
    Love that Celine Boston bag!


  2. It sounds like there are a lot of wonderful things going on right now!

  3. damn i wish i had a passion for bags. I don't know why i can't love bags :((. I am getting that nail polish color. I love it!! :))) Great posts love youuuuu xoxo


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