Feb 5, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I've always enjoyed these posts and decided to finally do one myself. The contents aren't complete as my camera, keys and blackberry are missing from sight. Per usual, I carry far too much but I hate the thought of one day needing something, rummaging for it and realizing I deem it unnecessary during an organizing frenzy.

The Bag:  Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30. It's my somewhat everyday bag (however I have a lovely professional looking bag from Zara for days I schlep to the office). 

1. Starbucks gift card, I'm only a few points away from a black card and using a registered card ensures I'm not charged extra for my intolerance to lactose.

2. Jabra bluetooth (it actually may be a different brand, I lose them every few months), at least once a month I'll include "Find bluetooth" on my to-do list. It really is a life saver however as I'm always juggling a few tasks at once.

3. I buy several cards at a time because I feel written correspondence is received far too rarely!

4. My iPad in its gold JPK Paris case. I'm thinking about getting one of those fancy ones from Restoration Hardware that keeps it upright and comes with a bluetooth keyboard. Need.

5. By now you've noticed my penchant for all things pink. I always keep a pink highlighter on my person, next to it is my iPad stylus and a smooth writing ballpoint pen. 

6. My Nook housed in its pink Kate Spade case & MyCoolDiary planner, its the first time I've deviated from my long line of Moleskines and though it's a bit big, I love all the options it offers.

7. Green tea with lemon & honey concentrate to be mixed with bottled water when I need an afternoon pick me up and can't get away from my desk & Emergen-C in Raspberry.

8. Pink Skull Candy earbuds, I just realized that also missing from the photo is my iPod and extra mp3 player. The Mister has both, we share the same taste in music and mine are far more updated.

9. Carita of Paris "Le Cheveu" hair brush. This brush is only rivaled by the $200 Mason Pearson "Popular Mix" brush. After combing out any snarls, I use it to smooth my hair before the final styling. It is amazing

10. Visine for contacts, during winter my eyes become so dry these drops solve that problem.

11. From left to right: Carmex Lip Balm in "Lime Twist," MAC Lustreglass in "Beaux," Bliss roll-on perfume (it's so light and delicious smelling, you never know when you feel you'd like to refresh your scent) and MAC Dazzleglass in "Girl's Delight."

12. Leather business card holder - the process of designing of the personal calling cards housed inside will be detailed in another post.

13. Evian Brumisateur - I use it all the time before moisturizing (I actually use less product that way), for a midday refresh, at the beach, during travel; and have several cans tucked away in different bags.

14 & 15 Aviators and cheapie nerd-chic readers from Urban Outfitters.

That's all! I plan to do another post of my makeup bag and potentially my work tote as well. Now I must get ready, I'm having a late lunch with a lovely and fashionable friend at a nearby French restaurant.


  1. I LOVE all of the pops of pink! My handbag is full of pink accessories, as well! :)

  2. lovely post.xx


  3. oh what a nice post!! I wanna do it too =) and nice bag girl!!!

  4. What a fun post!

    I love that you write notes to your significant other. My hubby & I were both English majors and love to write, so I'm really into handwritten correspondence as well :)


  5. wow u carry even more stuff than i do lol

    love the speedy though

  6. Nice stuff and amazing bag you have)



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