May 26, 2011

I Want to be Her

Do you ever pass a girl on the street and admire the seemingly effortless way she's pulled together her outfit? Her hair is in a perfectly disheveled top knot French girls and ballerinas alone have perfected and her shoes and bags are either in the four digits, flea market finds or one of each creating just the right balance.

Well Lucky's former creative director Andrea Linett has created a website dedicated solely to showcasing each one of these chic girls as she encounters them on the streets of NYC. Each sketch is complete down to the most minute accessory and Andrea's witty comments add a light but knowledgeable commentary.

My current favorite, mainly because her hair is a bit similar to mine at the moment and I am currently partial to asymmetric cardigans.

Listening to: "Hair" & "Scheibe" from Lady Gaga's new album and allll the remixes

Excited about: Ted Gibson (my celebrity stylist crush) tweeted me back two days ago after I mentioned how I one day dreamed of having him chop and nourish my noir locks.

Looking forward to: The long weekend, its going to be gorgeous! We plan to immerse ourselves in the 3 essential B's, beaching, bbqing and biking. We may also rent a cabana at one of our favorite poolside locales.

Wearing: Sky high wedges every day like its my job.

Still working on: My summer to do/visit list. Its coming along quite nicely

Missing: The love of my life who is away for a few more days, my miniature schnauzer Sasha and the long locks I've had for the past 5 summers. This will be my first with a shoulder length, though it is much easier to style and keep healthy.

May 11, 2011

The Daily..

A collection of the status quo...

Just Read: Summer in the City by Candace Bushnell (downloaded to my Nook of course). The first of the series (The Carrie Diaries) was wonderful and the pink cover of its sequel was far too cute to pass up. I was not disappointed in the least.
Up Next: Bethenny Frankel's "A Place of Yes." Bethenny is such an inspiration to all aspiring businesswomen and mothers to be.
I have faithfully watched her ascent chronicled first on The Real Housewives of New York and then
on the Bravo show she produced "Bethenny Ever After." 

Celebrity Fashionista Crush: People are claiming Kate's style to be legendary. I think that's a
stretch or at the least a bit premature. I do however love her tendencies to mainly feminine and classic pieces.

Currently Coveting: All bits and pieces relative to menswear. I love this simple look, favoring
tailored lines and no fuss leather embellishments.

photo credit:
Replaying on my Ipod: Along with the rest of the world, Adele's "21" album in it entirety.
Girl has more soul than a gospel choir, I love her. I also love Neyo's "Give Me Everything (Tonight)" and  Usher's 

Hue on My Nails: CND's two week manicure in Rock Royalty

Constantly Craving: Italian desserts. There's a Trattoria in dangerous proximity to 
my workplace. They offer delicious gelato and the most amazing homemade
whoopies pies. I'm talking the freshest cream you have ever tasted. No bueno for bathing 
suit season.

Have a wonderful Wednesday xo

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of all mothers out there, here is a post dedicated to the most stylish. 
Women who do it all while looking damn good.

Sweet, Understated Mama

Poshest Madre on the Block:

Hottest Mom in the UK PTO:

Most Downtown Chic Domestic Diva

Madonna Dearest

Mommy & The City

The Mother to our Nation & My Personal Favorite.. First Mother

Thank you to all the mothers out there. For all you've sacrificed for us and for all you given.

May 6, 2011

Latest Loves & Updates

Good morning! How was everyones Cinco de Mayo? 
I spent the evening with friends out having dinner, drinks (of course we had margaritas), 
laughs and then bowling and dancing to some classic 80s. It was pretty fantastic.

Some of my favorite things right now

I finally purchased my pink beach cruiser and have been riding it daily
(my legs have never looked more defined!)

Model turned beauty mogul Jemma Kidd has impressed me with her Target line of cosmetics. 
The colors and concepts are vibrant and varying. She seems to just get it.
I saw no harm in trying a few of the products because Imans line was and continues to
produce such high quality palettes. Some of my favorites:
Cheek ID Colour Adapt Blush and Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo in Paparazzi. 

Au Lait Body Butter is most definitely my favorite find!
I distractedly picked up a package while browsing the beauty department 
in TJ Maxx. It is the most wonderful body butter I have ever used.
The light, clean scent is addicting while not overpowering and the quality
is unmatched. A Scottish line rich with milk, it has done wonders for my
winter worn knees and elbows. I only hope there will be a few other products
from the line there when I return.

Australia recently had their Fashion Week and Camilla & Marc had such 
an incredibly strong showing. My favorite pieces from the brother sister dynamo
were the above pictured white halter mini dress and a flirty, black, drop waist dress.

Shoe Trend: Color Blocking.
I wear quite a few LBDs so I embrace a pop of color whenever I can.
The above is a cute yet comfortable option offered by Jessica Simpson
for Victoria's Secret. 

Have a wonderful weekend
 xo Aristobrat


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