Jan 28, 2015

A Gentleman’s Wardrobe: Introducing Mr. 71

Some say he is so English that he faints when hears the name Paul Revere 
and that he drives through Boston on the left side of the road. 

All we know is that he’s a very English gentleman. Let me introduce you to Mr. 71:

To begin let me establish a few things: Firstly, I am English. Born and raised, which means 
I say “sorry” a lot, even if it was your fault for walking into me (I was stationary.) 

I carry an umbrella in the middle of summer (which is not necessarily a 
bad idea in New England), and it is football not soccer!

Mr. 71 recently accompanied me to an event wearing a beautifully cut navy suit (photography by Kelly Pfeister)

Secondly, I am not a fashionable man, not whatever the equivalent of a male fashionista is, and this is not a fashion blog. Fashion is defined as a popular trend, trends indeed come and go, trends change and evolve. 

Whilst I try to stay abreast of the current trends and I greatly appreciate the creativity 
that goes into them, I am not inclined to purchase the latest item, brand, or look.

I do, however, consider myself a man of style. Classic and somewhat English style. 

Style is a manner of doing something, an appearance, sometimes distinct, but style has longevity, 
style does not undulate in and out of vogue, style is immune to trend.

Jan 26, 2015

Living A Healthier Lifestyle: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Foster

This post was created in collaboration with Weight Watchers
however the following written thoughts and opinions are my own.

Many of us find it difficult to continue with our New Years resolutions, 
especially if living within a cold climate (*cough* Juno.)

Chief Scientific Office of Weight Watchers Dr. Gary Foster was kind enough to answer some
 of my questions on how we as millennials can overcome many of the temptations we face each day.

As a psychologist, obesity investigator and behavior change expert with over 160 
scientific publications and three books on the etiology and treatment of obesity, 
Dr. Foster is providing you insight on how to stay healthy and fit all winter long.

In this video he addresses; realistic goal setting, winter comfort foods, effective lifestyle changes, 
debunking diet myths, foods that have anti-aging properties and more!
What is one realistic step you're taking 
to live a healthier lifestyle?

Apps of Note: The Target HEALTHFUL™ APP

Content and/or other value provided in partnership with Target. 
All opinions are my own. Please visit Target.com/Pharmacy 
for restrictions and see your pharmacist for details. 

As another year has begun and our resolutions may still be in full effect.

Trips to the gym still occurring, entry to the office remains on time and that 
brand spanking new juicer continues to be used.

One of my lifelong resolutions is finding new, more efficient ways to live my daily life. 
Saving minutes here and there to spend how I truly wish.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to find these tiny hacks.


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