Jul 30, 2014

Summer Concert Survival with Maidenform


Summer can be a bit tough for on us ladies, the havoc wreaked on our hair by humidity, the makeup ruiners (aka high temps) and of course, unforgiving Summer clothing.

Prior to working with Maidenform I was not aware of just how modern their line was.
During the Summer I wear a lot of tops and maxi dresses that are racerback which require the right type of undergarments (thank you for providing the Comfort Devotion Maidenform, I love it's convertible and removable straps that are perfect for both!)

N.B. This is not available online yet but stay tuned if you would like to pick one up!

Jul 29, 2014

Noted Favorites: On Beauty

Some of you that have been following for sometime have jokingly 
made comments that it seems I am aging backwards. I only hope? 

Having the most current and effective products arrive at my doorstep weekly also does not hurt!

First is my new favorite PureProC developed by a New England company and team of scientists from Silk Therapeutics, Inc who have been working on these game changers for over twenty years!

How-To: Beginning Your Fashion Design Business


Fashion design can be a lucrative career if you’re passionate and skilled at your job. After interviewing several noted designers in the area, we composed a short guide for all of you thinking of taking the plunge!

Develop Your Skills

Designing and creating apparel requires many skills, of the most obvious, the necessity to be able to sew or at least be able to work a sewing machine. I actually purchased a machine and some fabric online, then watched online tutorials during a random DIY phase.

You’ll also need to understand fabrics and how they move when worn.

Research existing designers and learn from them. How did they make it in the industry? You should also be good at researching current trends and creating storyboards/moodboards. This will take hours of practice but it’ll be worth it!


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