May 21, 2015

Summer Body Series: A Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Disclaimer; I am not a health professional therefore all of the following should be 
taken without a grain of salt as this is a health-conscious post.


As you we are all aware, maintaining a consistently healthy (read: mainly preservative-free, 
low on the gummy-bears as a meal ratio) can be a true trial at times.

Many people fail before they even get started. 
What it comes down to when maintaining a healthy lifestyle, 
is controlling what we put in our bodies. That's it. 

May 20, 2015

What To Wear: Spring in Boston

Faux leather jacket c/o Boohoo, Maxi Dress worn as a skirt; Yumi Kim, Wayfarers; c/o Ray Ban | photography by Kelly Pfeister

Though we are now well into Spring here in Boston 
we are not without the occasional cool spell.

May 19, 2015

How To Master: Lazy Girl Fashion


Most days we are willing to go through a little discomfort to look good. 

No pain, no fashionable outfit post gain, as us bloggers say think to ourselves.

Most of the time all we want to do is put on our most comfortable clothes (no one knows this
more than a Boston lifestyle blogger), even if they don't make use appear
to be at the cutting edge of all that is fashionable. 

If and when you have a day when you would just rather snuggle into a giant sweater, 
you don't have to look like you've only just rolled out of bed. 

In fact, you can look great with very little effort and wear your comfort clothes with style.

Next time you would rather curl up on the sofa with a pint of Spectacular Speculoos 
than go outside, try adding these incorporating these pieces into your repertoire.


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