Apr 13, 2014

Her Haus: Decor With A History

My taste in decor has changed and evolved as I have grown into myself.
Through college it was very, well collegiate and there may have been far too much pink.

It was not until I began to delve more deeply into my writing and exploring the places 
that interested me most (those with history) that my true penchant for antiques surfaced.

Running my hand along a well-patined shoe, I wonder the emotions the original 
owner felt when first slipping it on. Was it a gift? A secret indulgence?

If you frequent antique shops you are aware of the numberless amount of 
memoirs lining the shelves. To me, these are paper gold. 

Someone's life story, potentially originating a few hundred years prior, all before me.

My second love? Examining buildings of historical value. The Old Manse in Concord, the ruins of a great house in Newburyport where only the foundation and massive entry gates remain.

Many people could care less, but the journey my brain takes me on while musing 
about the daily life and routines that took place inspires and excites me. 

Instantly my imagination is cultivated and refreshed for pieces I aim to finish.
Emotions are evoked and that is how I know.

How would you describe your taste in decor?

Apr 7, 2014

Scenes From My Weekend & Win My Luxe Earbuds

Friday began beautifully with a brilliant sunrise and a type of optimism only Bostonians feel on one of the biggest days of the year. Which day is that you ask? 

Well Opening Day for our beloved Red Sox of course!

Feeling a tad bit sluggish I remedied the situation with some green juice (this worked wonders.)

Fresh flowers do always seem to help too....

Apr 2, 2014

Sparkle During the Week with La Marca

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of La Marca Prosecco. 
It is intended for an audience over 21 years of age.

Though many of my evenings during the week may seem repetitive and 
even a bit boring, every now and again I yearn for a little sparkle.

For me, a quiet moment of relaxation can be achieved easily; a good book, soft music, 
lighting a fragrant candle and if I feel so inclined, some bubbly.

La Marca is a wonderfully balanced and delicately sweet yet slightly dry 
prosecco with hints of apple and citrus. 

Easily making it the perfect addition when entertaining whether it be the key ingredient within your mimosa bar at brunch or served with dessert at your next dinner party. 

Many brands attempt to offer luxury at a reasonable price and it came as no surprise that La Marca achieved the feat, placing it in an elegant niche of its own.

Everyday luxury makes it a great deal easier to enjoy those special moments when the desire arises. 
Whether due to the beautiful blue label or sophisticated shape of the bottle and silver accents, 
La Marca will provide the extra something to any event.

The possibilities are endless, Spring tea parties, a romantic picnic with your loved one, a spa day with girlfriends or packed away for your weekend getaway at a quaint bed and breakfast.

How do you add a bit of sparkle into your day?

Follow along with La Marca on Facebook and visit La Marca Prosecco to find a retailer near you.

I received a complimentary bottle of La Marca Prosecco in order to create this thorough 
and honest sponsored post. It is intended for an audience for 21 years of age.


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