Dec 24, 2014

Holiday Healthy Habits


Health and fitness can be a tricky subject, especially for one to bloggers to cover.

Everyone, regardless of if they have certification on the matter or not, 
has different opinions on what is right and wrong.

It can be a bit tough to know who to truly listen to.

Below are a few widely-accepted tips on health/fitness to assist in preventing
that eminent holiday season weight gain.

From A Notes App to The New York Times

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When 25 year old Anna Todd began penning her novel last year for fun on her phone last spring, she had no idea where the seemingly harmless act would take her.

Cut to this year as she now has a four-book deal with Simon & Schuster and 
Paramount Pictures having acquired the film rights to her first book After.

Like many writers, Anna used Wattpad to both pen her novel and get published.

Every other day, Anna would turn to Wattpad to publish a new installment of her novel, 
eventually reaching 2,500 pages and having a viewership surpassing a billion!

Wattpad is currently the world's largest writing/reader community bringing together over 
40 million people internationally through their love of reading and writing.

Dec 22, 2014

Life As Of Late

This time year is my favorite as every song and sight seems 
to invoke this odd seasonal giddiness within me.


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